The only laptop stand you’ll ever need.


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Improving your posture, made easy.

The average American spends more than eight hours looking down at their laptop every day. Studies have confirmed that slouching for an extended amount of time can lead to a poor posture.

The low height of your laptop screen is the culprit, and the Pelegant Stand has got you covered. Designed to bring your laptop screen to your eye level, it can also improve your typing ergonomics and your device’s performance.


Promotes airflow to keep things cool.

Laptops are more likely to overheat than PCs because of closely fitted hardware components. Frequent overheating of laptops can drain the battery quickly, affecting their performance.

The Pelegant Stand is developed to keep your laptop cool, increasing its longevity and functionality without costing a fortune.


One stand, six height options for flexibility.

Limited height options in the laptop stand are inconvenient and frustrating.

The Pelegant Stand, however, is a game changer. Six height options are available in the Pelegant stand, from 2 to 6 inches. Nothing is more comfortable than having a perfect height of your laptop.