Our Story

How It Started

It all started a few months ago when Eddie and Markus started working on a project together. They came up with the idea during the covid pandemic as most people have shifted to working from home and coffee shops.

The two experienced too much pain after slouching on a long period of laptop use. After comprehensive research and talking to physical therapists, Eddie and Markus came up with the idea that will help people improve their posture while working on their laptops no matter where they are.

We introduce Pelegant!

Developed by two work from home designers, Pelegant (derived from the words Portable + Elegant) is an elegant portable laptop stand suitable for individuals who work on their laptops for long hours from different locations, be it at home offices, classrooms, hotels, airports, boardrooms, coffee shops, or offices. The laptop stand contains all the features a person would seek in a laptop stand: compact, portable, adjustable, detachable, ergonomic, foldable, and ultimately, elegant.

The best part about Pelegant is that it takes only a few seconds to set it up and fold away.

We are a small and ambitious startup company founded with a passion for creating innovative products, fun to use and designed with less or no negative impact on the environment. Although living in separate countries, the two founders, Eddie and Markus, created a great product that can be beneficial to many people.

Eddie knew he needs to fix his posture at work to keep his mobile lifestyle. He also realized that other people had the same concern. That’s when he reached out to his friend Markus back in Switzerland. Markus had experience designing products from companies he’d worked in the past.

The two joined forces and got to work creating a laptop stand that was portable, elegant, and tall enough to provide a genuinely ergonomic posture. They tried different designs and numerous iterations until they finally came up with a winner. That’s when Pelegant Laptop Stand was born.

New York Meets Geneva / About Our Creators:

Eddie is a creative director that works in New York City. For different reasons, he always works remotely between the companies he works with.

He has been waiting to create something that saves people who work in mobility from a possible health problem. He paid his price to understand that; now it is the time to save other people away from it after always suffering from neck pain after a long day of work.

Markus is a product engineer from Geneve, Switzerland. He had developed many products that have helped people in the product tech industry. He mostly works in his office but realized something was missing when he tried to become more efficient.

He has all the laptops, chairs, and tables, but somehow, they couldn’t make the ideal working combination. Markus had a computer setup where his laptop was on top of stacked books to reach his eye level. He knew this is not a solution but it was temporary solution but he could not carry 5-6 heavy books with him everywhere he went to set up his laptop to eye level.

That’s what led him and Eddie to work together on Pelegant and finally be able to offer it to everyone that has this issue and needs a solution for their laptop stand.

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